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Connect Your Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener to the Internet in 5 Steps

You’re about to board a plane to head south and escape the cold winter weather for a week, then a thought enters your mind. I can’t remember if I shut the garage door! Panic sets in as you reluctantly board the plane and frantically attempt to text your neighbor to check your house for you.

This type of situation can be easily avoided. Monitor your garage while you're away from home by connecting your garage door opener to the internet and downloading the MyQ app onto your smart phone.

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Questions to Answer Before Your Garage Door Consultation

When it comes time to replace your garage door, you’ll have a consultation with the garage door company you plan to work with. During your meeting, they will ask you several questions to get a good idea of what you want so they can give you a quote on how much they predict the project will cost.

Be prepared for your garage door consultation by knowing the answers to the following questions. This will help make the process easier and more efficient, and weighing your options ahead of time will help you find the best type of door for your home.

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What to Do If Your Garage Door Comes off Its Track

Maybe you’re reading this because your door recently came off its track, or maybe you just want to be prepared and know what to do in case it ever does. Either way, you’re in the right place. If a garage door falls out of its track, it can become a serious safety hazard for you and your family. Here are several reasons why this can happen.

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Garage Door Security 101: Preventing Break-Ins

When we think of home break-ins, we don’t typically think of the garage as a common entry point. However, when you consider how many valuable things you store in your garage (cars, tools, bicycles, etc.), it isn’t that surprising. Pair that with the fact that garage doors can be quickly (within seconds!) broken into if not secured.

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How to Clean & Paint Your Steel Garage Door

Fall is a perfect time to fix up your garage door so it’s in good shape before the weather gets terribly cold. Spring is also a good time, since winter can take a toll on your door's surface. Follow these instructions for cleaning and/or painting your steel garage door properly.

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Keep Mice Out of Your Garage for Good

A small mice problem can quickly escalate into a large infestation. Once mice make themselves at home in your garage, they’ll be able to more easily access your home! Get any mice that may be hiding inside your garage out, and keep them away with these tips.

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7 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Broken Garage Door

Have you been wondering lately if you should bite the bullet and buy a new garage door? If your current door breaks down often, is an eyesore in your neighborhood, or doesn’t work properly anymore, it could very well be the right time. Pushing off the inevitable could not only prolong your pain but pose a danger to your family as well. If your garage door shows any of the following signs, strongly consider replacing it.

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